MediaRuimte 01t XYZ -
Space for New Media, Art & Architecture

The MediaRuimte is the gallery, office and workshop of LAb[au], a platform focusing on the digital medium and its multiple forms of expression.

MediaRuimte hosts a series of activities going from exhibitions (MR.xpo), artist-presentations (MR.ini), audiovisual performances (MR.wav), conferences (MR.txt), online studies (MR.www)' artist-residences (MR.tmp) to workshops (MR.exe).

The intention of LAb[au] - architects active in the field of electronic arts - is the creation of an experimental platform BY artists FOR artists where experiences and exchanges are shared with a public. MediaRuimte is thus as much a platform for presentation as creation, where LAb[au]'s artistic and technological know-how is acting as support through a transdisciplinary and collaborative approach.